How to pack lighter

For most of us, packing light when travelling is a challenge.  Now add winter to the mix, and immediately it becomes more difficult.  How do you add those bulky warm items into the same small suitcase and still look stylish and professional?

Here are a few tips on how to pack lighter for your winter business travel:

  1. Ditch the colour
    Black is your friend.  Black clothes are chic, easy to match, and keep clean.  Bright colours draw attention and are easily remembered, not ideal when you need to mix and match outfits over a week’s stay.
  1. Tops
    Depending on the length of your stay, the recommendation is usually 4-5 tops for a week. This should consist of tops to wear both in the office environment as well as after hours.  Suggestions usually include a blue button shirt, a soft off-white shirt (for the ladies), a plain coloured t-shirt and a cardigan/sweater that can be worn on its own or paired with most of your tops. If a necktie is required for the men, keep it simple and neutral.  A well-tailored jacket is always a winner for dressing up or down. For real cold weather, a packable down jacket or warm wool coat is highly recommended.
  1. Bottoms
    Bottoms include good fitted pants (dark and neutral colours), jeans and for the ladies a skirt. A good comfortable pair of black pants is always a winner and can be used for both office and casual wear. Jeans are ideal for casual wear, but when pairing it with a good jacket and shoes, it becomes more suitable for office wear.  Avoid trendy jeans with rips and stick to classic cuts and darker solid colours.
  1. Shoes
    For winter a pair of good looking and comfortable dark boots are ideal for both men and women.  It keeps your feet warm and matches virtually everything. If a second pair fits in the suitcase, a pair of black leather oxford shoes for the men and for the ladies a pair of ballet flats or a nice heeled black shoe.  Remember to wear your boots when travelling to save some space in the suitcase and put them in a bag when packing.
  1. Warm Layers
    Depending on where you are going, one to two pairs of thermals are ideal for winter to wear under your clothing.  Warm and long socks also help to keep you warm. When travelling to Pretoria, don’t underestimate the city’s winters. If the sun’s out it can be quite pleasant, but other than that it can be proper winter.
  1. Accessories
    Accessories are always an easy way to change up outfits. Warm accessories can keep you nice and warm. Accessories for ladies include jewellery (keep it minimalistic), handbags, gorgeous colourful scarves, hats and of course gloves for winter.  Gentleman can also add scarves, warm hats and gloves for the winter.Now add your underwear, basic toiletries in smaller sizes and a good suitcase or bag, and you are ready to travel light, stay warm and be the smart business professional.

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