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Technology has made communication very convenient in today’s business world. We can call, use social networks and send out emails in seconds. However, face-to-face meetings still hold a lot of value and are essential in building steady business relationships. This is why hotels offer conference venues, which are convenient for meetings, team building events and even seminars.

You can definitely benefit from having your next business conference at our hotel – here’s why:

Professional staff

Every hotel has a reputation to uphold, which is why service at a hotel should be nothing short of excellent. Usually, if staff aren’t friendly, helpful and completely professional at a hotel, people will add negative online reviews to social platforms.

Access to all conference equipment and necessities

A conference venue should provide chairs, tables, podiums, projectors and anything else to ensure your event runs smoothly. Morning Star Hotel has high tech equipment and other necessities for your event. Plus we’re willing to try our best to accommodate all of your event needs – don’t hesitate to share your vision with us so that we can make it a reality.

Catering services

Nothing makes a group of people coming together for business more at ease than having great food and drinks. Making sure your event guests are well fed and watered during your event. When you plan an event at a hotel, you should have in-house caterers. Breakfast, brunches, tea and coffee tables and additional snacks can be organised for your event.

Dining and entertainment

Hotels are usually situated near entertainment and dining hotspots. Morning Star Express Hotel is situated in the middle of Pretoria, giving guests access to a lot of popular places in the area.

Rooms ideal for business guests

If you need accommodation for your guests, nothing is more convenient than booking them into the hotel where the event is being held. This is especially ideal for far travellers. Guests can relax in luxury and simply walk from where they’re staying to the conference venue. And, because it’s a hotel, there is plenty of room for as many guests as needed (if you book on time of course).

Lower prices

Hotels may offer lower prices or packages for events. Check out Morning Star Hotel Express’s conference packages.

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