business travel for employees

Employee wellness is crucial and should, therefore, extend outside of the office, especially for those travelling for business. If your employees are travelling anywhere for work, you should ensure their trips are well organised, safe and cost-effective.

Every business has their own process when it comes to organising business trips – be it using booking tools, making one employee responsible for organising all business trips, requiring each individual employee to plan their own trips, etc. No matter how you go about it, you need to make sure your business travel is a pleasant experience for employees. This means that it must be planned efficiently to avoid flight cancellations, delays, uncomfortable accommodation, unsafe predicaments and other inconveniences.

Read our useful advice on how to improve business travel for your employees below.

  • Involve employees in decisions – By involving employees in planning their business travel, they’re more likely to enjoy their travelling experience, become more invested in the company and have fewer grievances in the long run.
  • Streamline the approval process – This will ensure that you don’t miss out on good travel deals nor leave employees feeling frustrated. Perhaps you can use a dedicated online booking tool or give your employees the flexibility to book their own trips.
  • Clearly state acceptable spending – Prevent complications related to policy compliance and travel reimbursement by ensuring employees know exactly how much and what they are allowed to spend money on. The best way to prevent any misunderstandings when it comes to travel spending is to embed your policy in the booking process.
  • Continuously improve business travel using data – By gathering data, you have access to valuable analytics that can help you optimise policies and streamline travel spending. By continuously evolving and improving your travel management, you can ensure happier employees and more effective spending.

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