Date ideas

4 Date ideas in Pretoria

We have 4 great date ideas in Pretoria

Tired of Netflix and chill?

Enjoy some romantic fun in Pretoria.

We have a few great date ideas for both couples who live in or are visiting Pretoria. You don’t have to stick to predictable, conventional dates. Surprise your significant other with a fun, out of the box and romantic experience.

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fit and healthy while travelling

Stay fit and healthy while travelling for work

Staying healthy while travelling for work

Does travelling for work mess with your fitness routine and healthy lifestyle?

Taking care of your health is not always easy, especially when you travel frequently. You have easy access to processed foods and takeaways, which seems very convenient in today’s busy lifestyle. Plus, after a full day’s work, you may want to put your feet up and enjoy a glass of wine and not hustle on busy roads to get to the gym.

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picnic spots

7 Popular picnic spots in Pretoria

Looking for popular picnic spots in Pretoria?

Pretoria has so many fantastic outdoor picnic spots for you to visit. And, with the sun shining brighter and the weather warming up, it’s a lovely time to go for a picnic.

Do you want to plan a romantic date, entertain the kids or just get out of the house? Well, then it’s time to pack a few snacks, a picnic blanket and some sunscreen.

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activities to do in Pretoria

Fun indoor activities to do in Pretoria

Looking for fun activities to do in Pretoria?

Pretoria, or also affectionately known as the Jacaranda City, is the administrative capital of South Africa.  Apart from the thousands of Jacaranda trees, it houses various government buildings, embassies, monuments, museums and of course the iconic Union Buildings.

Pretoria is spoilt for choice for anyone looking to fill their days with fun and adventure.  Sometimes, however, the weather does not play along, and we need to stay indoors. Don’t despair, we’ve got  fun indoor activities for the whole family, right here in Pretoria: Read More

unique restaurants in Pretoria

Must-visit unique restaurants in Pretoria

Pretoria offers unique dining experiences for locals and visitors. From decadent desserts, wholesome breakfasts and delicious mains to relaxing environments and entertainment, our restaurants are very appealing. With so many amazing restaurants to eat out at in Pretoria, it’s not always easy deciding on where to go. We suggest you try out a few. Here are some amazing restaurants to visit in Pretoria: Read More