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As a personal Assistants or business traveller, you may have to take on the task of planning a successful local business trip. This is quite an easy task if you follow a fail-proof recipe. Today’s average entrepreneur spends a lot of time on the go.

When you arrive at your destination, you’d rather be well-prepared and relaxed than stressed out and ill-equipped. So, to make sure you make a good impression and stay focused during the entire course of your trip, we’ve provided a guide to help you plan your local business trip.

Step 1: Create a detailed itinerary

This is the best place to start. Last minute planning can throw off your entire trip. Plan your itinerary with all the important dates and times. Remember to not leave out any important information.

Which meetings and events do you need to attend? Where is the closest and most convenient accommodation? What lunches and dinners do you need to plan with other clients or partners?

Once you know locations and times, you can start putting the rest of your travel plans together. Try maintain a bit of flexibility in your itinerary in case there are any changes and prioritise important meetings for the first half of your trip if possible – while you’re still energetic and sharp.

Check out this easy to use business itinerary template.

Step 2: Book your flights

In case of unforeseen delays, book your flights early. This will prevent any unnecessary stress of running late and give you enough time to check-in to your hotel and prepare for your meetings and events.

Rather don’t book your flights at the last minute to avoid disappointment.

Search for cheap flights.

Travelling in South Africa

Step 3: Book your accommodation

Book accommodation close to where your meetings will take place.

If you plan on seeing clients or business partners at your hotel, make sure there are neat and spacious conference rooms and business facilities. You can contact the hotel beforehand to book facilities that meet your needs.

Step 4: Figure out travel arrangements

How are you going to get around once you’ve arrived at your destination? If you’re going to use a rental car, book before you travel.

If you’re going to use Uber, Taxify or any other spontaneous transport, download the apps beforehand and sort out all your personal and payment information so that you can book your transport quickly during the trip.

Step 5: Pack carefully

A small bag with wheels is usually the best type of bag for travelling. Opt for a carry-on bag to avoid queuing in long lines for checked-in bags.

Research the weather before the trip so that you know what to pack and avoid packing unnecessary things.

Don’t forget to back important documents, smart devices, charges and adapters.

Step 6: Prepare for the best

Don’t forget to keep your focus on the most important part of your trip – your business objectives and the meeting itself. Arm yourself with all the relevant information you need for a successful business trip.

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